Surface runoff modelling for 300-year and 1000-year extreme rainfall events.

Modelling for the protection of the new Brandwache Süd fire service in Zurich

Schutz und Rettung Zürich's South Station is being expanded so that it can fulfil its task optimally in the long term. For the client, the City of Zurich, the Wache Süd is an important infrastructure for the safety of the population in the city of Zurich. In order for it to remain operational even in exceptional cases, a high protection status according to standard SIA 261/1, construction class III is targeted.

The existing surface runoff hazard map (FOEN 2018) shows the extent of a 100-year heavy rainfall scenario and is not applicable for buildings of construction class III according to SIA 261/1. Egli Engineering AG determined the local small structures and modelled the hazard from heavy rainfall for the 300-year and 1000-year scenarios.

Based on the modelled hazard, Egli Engineering AG is planning the effective and efficient protection against flooding by surface water. As a result, the southern guardhouse will receive tailor-made property protection that is optimally adapted to the hazard situation.

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