Your specialists for natural hazards

When it comes to natural hazard protection, we are experts in the field and have been for 20 years. We offer a broad range of consulting services from flood protection and intervention planning to climate change and drought. This means that our clients are able to deal with natural risks in the best and most innovative way possible.

The new hail hazard map shows a higher hazard than previously thought.

Water balance model for Solothurn agriculture until 2060.

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Always there for you since 2002

Independent first-class consulting, training, analysis and planning in the fields of natural hazards, risk management and protection concepts.

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An overview of our core business areas

We analyse, assess, calculate and develop methods for all natural hazards.

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Natural hazards and their effects

Damage, hazards, effects and characteristics are very diverse for every natural hazard.

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We have been involved in the following projects

We handle and supervise projects at various levels of integral risk management.

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