Our business fields

Natural hazards are our daily business. We are motivated to face new challenges such as those posed by climate change. Drought and flooding are two opposing issues that need to be considered as a whole. Even though we cover a wide range of topics, we are still specialists in the individual areas.

Intervention planning

In the event of an incident, intervention planning makes it possible to intervene effectively in order to protect the population and prevent damage to the infrastructure.

Climate change

As a result of climate change, extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent.

Hazard/risk analysis

We identify the impact and damage potential of natural hazards on the basis of hazard/risk analyses.


We are actively involved in natural hazard education in Switzerland and participate in applied natural hazard research projects.


Redevelopment of hydroelectric power plants with fish passability and structural protection measures on the watercourse.


Excerpt of our publications and guidelines.

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