Hail impact test

Hail damage to the shell of the building can be reduced by selecting suitable materials. We are an approved testing institute and test the structural components of your roof and façade in accordance with the recognised test regulations that apply throughout Switzerland.

Hail resistance test in the laboratory

The hail resistance test is carried out with the hail bombardment system at the Technical University in Rapperswil, Switzerland. Building materials are assembled as realistically as possible according to the manufacturers’ specifications and bombarded with artificially made but essentially natural ice balls.

A classification system has been developed to compare the results of the various building materials. The system comprises five classes based on the size of the ice ball and its speed. The building material is classified according to the class in which it remains intact after being bombarded with the corresponding grain size.

Building materials that have been successfully tested are listed in the Swiss hail register. www.hagelregister.ch

Hail resistance test on site

Hailstorms are exceedingly common in Switzerland and not limited to certain geographical areas. Any damage is determined by the grain size and density of the ice. Incidents with grain sizes of over three centimetres usually cause major damage to buildings. We use our mobile testing equipment to carry out quick and easy hail tests on site to determine the hail resistance of a building component that has been damaged or has naturally aged. These tests are recognised by the cantonal building insurance companies.

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