Modelling uses computer calculations to determine the effects of natural hazards. For example, flood modelling calculates the propagation in space and the effective intensities. These calculations can also be used to deduce the protective measures to be taken. Modelling is used in a wide range of applications:

A few examples of use

  • Preparation and presentation of hazards/risks in the event of drought, heavy rain/surface water, floods, storms, hail, etc.
  • Hazard modelling before and after possible measures
  • Impact of various protection measures on neighbouring properties
  • Exposure to heavy rain, e.g. after changes in terrain
  • Calculation and presentation of the impact of an incident on a property, e.g. heavy rainfall (how much force acts on a building, how high is the water level, etc.)
  • Hydraulic modelling for hydroelectric power stations

We use a variety of software for modelling.

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