Risk screening

We have developed a three-stage risk screening system for risk analysis of large real estate portfolios that can be subdivided and has been successfully used several times.

1) Impact analysis and prioritisation

The first stage involves a simple analysis to determine which of your infrastructures are located in areas at risk of flooding or landslides, what depth of water can be expected and how often such events can occur. A list of properties is defined using this analysis and these will be examined in more detail in the second stage.


2) Risk analysis and assessment

The second stage is to calculate the financial risks of the prioritised infrastructures. These calculations take into account material assets as well as financial losses resulting from business interruptions. The potential personal risks are also analysed. The resulting risk table provides a quick overview of the financial risks and makes it possible to prioritise protective measures.


3) Action planning and prioritisation

Appropriate organisational and structural measures are proposed where necessary and these are then compared in a cost-effectiveness analysis. This information helps to identify and implement the most efficient measures to protect the infrastructure.

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