Redevelopment of hydroelectric power

Swissgrid can cover the costs of restoration measures for existing hydropower plants with regard to fishability, bed load balance and hydropeaking until 2030.

Fishability, hydropeaking and bed load balance

If you are an owner or operator of a power plant, Egli Engineering AG can draw up such restoration measures for you. When evaluating and planning the ecological restoration measures for fish passability, hydropeaking and bed load balance, we take particular care to ensure that the economic efficiency of the hydroelectric power plant is not undermined. We also take into account the change in the available water supply up to 2080.

Our services include both the handling of all necessary submissions to the responsible authorities and supervision throughout the entire process for implementing the required restoration measures. As we have experience in constructing hydroelectric power stations and in hydraulic engineering, we can take over the project management and also cooperate with specialists in fish ecology.

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