Hail property protection

Hailstorms occur frequently in Switzerland and are hardly geographically limited. The particle size and density of the ice determine any damage. More intense hail events also cause damage to buildings. Mostly roof or façade parts, slat blinds, skylight domes or solar panels are affected.

Hail damage to the building's cladding can be prevented/reduced by a suitable choice of materials. The Hagelregister.ch provides an overview of hail-tested products.

Hail building protection

Would you like to protect your building's cladding from hail damage? We support you with the following topics:

  • Hail risk analysis (if necessary in combination with wind) for a building, a municipality or a canton
  • Calculating the hail load on the building
  • Advice about hail-tested components or hail protection measures
  • Completing the property protection certificate
  • Construction monitoring when implementing any measures

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