Property protection certificate

For the submission of planning applications for new buildings and changes of use, conversions and extensions requiring approval, a certificate of property protection is required if the property is located in a hazard area. For this purpose, some cantons provide a "certificate of property protection" form, while others require the submission of a specialist report. To assist, some cantons provide a guide that leads you step-by-step through the form to be filled out.

Which is why it is worth consulting a specialist partner at an early stage:

The municipality and/or the building insurance company can reject a property protection if it is not completed in detail. This usually leads to the building permit procedure being temporarily halted until a certificate of property protection has been provided.

The earlier a builder/architect addresses the issue of property protection, the more favourably and aesthetically the protective measures can be integrated into the building project.

This eliminates the time pressure for the building application. And if it is urgent, we will assist you quickly and without complications.

As specialists, we deal with natural hazards on a daily basis, know the market for possible protective measures and are very familiar with the process and the completion/preparation of the property protection certificate/expert opinion. If required, we will submit the certificate for the building permit directly to the responsible authority for you.

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