Property protection – landslides

The depth of the sliding surface is an important factor in landslides. A depth of up to 10 metres is referred to as a shallow to moderate landslide, and more than 10 metres as a deep-seated landslide.

Property protection – landslides/earth flow

The level of protection against landslides varies greatly depending on the anticipated impact energy and the mass of earth being moved. Protective measures in front of or on the building are therefore possible.

For landslides of up to 10 metres in depth, protective measures outside the building are usually sufficient. A field inspection gives us an overview of how the building or area is embedded in the landscape. This allows us to identify a variety of protective measures tailored to your needs.

Deep-seated landslides require special protective measures, which are usually complex and costly.

Property protection – debris flow

It is usually the responsibility of the local authority to protect objects from debris flows. A comprehensive concept of protection should be drawn up for the source of danger, e.g. a mountain torrent. This means that any debris flows can be diverted past buildings or mitigated by measures such as dams, debris flow nets or retention basins. A field survey allows us to analyse the environment and then assess the protective measures.


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