Wind and storm property protection

Strong winds and gales, including tornado-like extreme events, are also increasing in Switzerland. For new buildings and conversions, make sure that the planning and execution is carried out in accordance with SIA standard 261. Determining the wind risk (often also in combination with the hail risk) helps you choose the best components. It also makes it easier to decide on suitable shading systems, solar installations or a green roof.

Wind and storm building protection

Looking to protect your building from wind and storm? Are you planning a green roof and need reliable wind load data? We can support you with the following:

  • Wind and hail risk analysis for a building, a municipality or a canton
  • Calculating wind load (suction and dynamic pressure) for planning roof greening
  • Calculating wind load/hail load on the building as a decision-making aid for a suitable shading system
  • Completing the property protection certificate
  • Construction monitoring when implementing any measures

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