2002 Egli Engineering established as a one-man business
2007 Branch office opens in Berne
2008 The one-man business is transformed into a public limited company
2010 Management system is certified under ISO 9001:2008

Risk management

We work on projects regarding different levels of integral risk management. These include:


We can carry out hazard, risk, event and damage analyses for you.

Protection concepts

We provide consultancy in all matters relating to protection against natural hazards.

Project management

We can assist you in implementing your large-scale projects.


We are committed to educating the Swiss public about natural hazards.

Research and development

We take part in pilot schemes and research projects.

Material testing

We test the hail and wind resistance of building materials.

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Head office St. Gallen

Egli Engineering AG
Bogenstrasse 14, 9000 St.Gallen
T +41 (0)71 274 09 09
F +41 (0)71 274 09 08

Branch office Bern

Egli Engineering AG
Schwarztorstrasse 87, 3007 Bern
T +41 (0)31 381 52 90
F +41 (0)31 381 52 91

Contact point Lausanne

Egli Engineering SA
Avenue du Censuy 5b, 1020 Renens
T +41 (0)24 545 12 00

Contact point Fribourg

Egli Engineering AG
Route de la Poudrière 41,
1700 Fribourg
T +41 (0)26 526 10 09