Our commitment


As employees of Egli Engineering AG, we use environmentally-friendly means of transport. We travel by public transport, by bicycle or on foot. We only travel by car if it is not possible to use other means. We therefore aim to use a combination of public transport and Mobility Car Sharing when travelling to carry out fieldwork.

Working hours

Most of us work part-time. This enables us to achieve an ideal work-life balance. This is advantageous for both the company and its employees.

Gender equality

We all have the same opportunities, rights and obligations. We have implemented equal pay for men and women. We consider this a prerequisite for a balanced and functioning team.

Charitable donations

Each year, we make a financial donation to a selection of charity organisations.


Head office St. Gallen

Egli Engineering AG
Bogenstrasse 14, 9000 St.Gallen
T +41 (0)71 274 09 09
F +41 (0)71 274 09 08

Branch office Bern

Egli Engineering AG
Schwarztorstrasse 87, 3007 Bern
T +41 (0)31 381 52 90
F +41 (0)31 381 52 91

Contact point Lausanne

Egli Engineering SA
Avenue du Censuy 5b, 1020 Renens
T +41 (0)24 545 12 00

Contact point Fribourg

Egli Engineering AG
Route de la Poudrière 41,
1700 Fribourg
T +41 (0)26 526 10 09