Combination of fire safety and flood prevention

Fire and water are two very opposite elements. Nevertheless, the safety concepts can be combined.


Where do fire safety and protection-against-natural-hazards overlap and what needs to be considered? On behalf of the foundation for the cantonal building insurance companies, Egli Engineering AG, in collaboration with other players, has analysed this cross-section of topics.

The planning and implementation of fire safety and protecting buildings against natural hazards offers plenty of synergy potential. This is not currently being utilised. The results of this report show where the interfaces of the two disciplines are located and when they are optimally activated. This applies both to the nationally relevant regulations and to the practical planning of construction projects.

The safety concepts are optimally coordinated with each other. Fire prevention measures do not work against flood protection measures. Escape routes, evacuation areas, safety doors, etc. are selected in such a way that the protective measures are effective even if the events occur simultaneously.
This is an exciting approach that is currently not being used, or only hesitantly.



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