Water shortage by region in Solothurn

Water balance model for Solothurn agriculture until 2060.

Agricultural soils that are too dry lead to crop failures. The increase in weather extremes such as heavy precipitation and hail also make a successful harvest more difficult. Agricultural changes are necessary. But in which regions will water be scarce by 2060?

Answers are provided by the water balance modelled by Egli Engineering AG for the canton of Solothurn. It compares agricultural water requirements and water supply. A traffic light system shows the critical regions.

The canton of Solothurn is dealing intensively and proactively with the agricultural drought. The baseline survey and initial risk assessments have recently been published. As a next step, regional pilot projects are addressing the regions at risk. The foundations for successful water management in agriculture have been laid.

Flyer canton of Solothurn: Trockenheit in der Landwirtschaft (German)

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