What to do in case of thunderstorm warning with heavy rain?

Tips for homeowners


Before the event:

  • Weather alert on your mobile phone: If you know the weather, you have an advantage. Some apps offer a free regional weather alert (e.g. Meteo Swiss, Wetteralarm etc.).
  • Check whether drainage manholes are not blocked.
  • Do not store valuable, moisture-sensitive objects on the ground floor/basement or at least store them at a higher level.
  • Check whether windows/doors are closed, especially in the basement/ground floor.
  • If necessary, switch off any electrical installations or at least find out how to switch off the electricity in the cellar.
  • Raise external venetian blinds and roller shutters all the way up (this applies especially if strong gales and hail are forecast).

During the event:

  • Do not place yourself in water currents under any circumstances. Water masses often carry debris (objects, branches, stones, etc.) Even small amounts of water develop an enormous force!
  • Keep an eye on drainage shafts around the house
  • Do not use elevators

If water enters the basement:
CAUTION Electric shock!! Don't put yourself in danger. Only enter the basement/ground floor if the water level permits, there is a possible escape route and the power is switched off.


After the event:

  • If necessary, request assistance from the fire brigade.
  • Contact the insurance company promptly and discuss the possible course of action.
  • Document damage (photos, measure water level, damage list, etc.).
  • Remove water and dirt as quickly as possible.
  • If necessary, clarify with experts whether building materials need to be replaced/professionally repaired (floor, masonry, walls, etc.).
  • Check which protective measures will prevent/reduce damage in the event of a future incident.

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