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Drought model

Water balance map for Solothurn agriculture

Leitfaden Objektschutznachweis gravitative Naturgefahren

Einheitliche Grundlagen für den Objektschutznachweis gravitative Naturgefahren

SIA 4002 Floods

Guide to Standard 261/1

Property protection flood

An artistically appealing property protection for floods.

Driving rain Elbphilharmonie

For the well-known Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, we calculated the heavy rainfall on the canopy of the main entrance.

Property protection flood

Consulting and construction supervision during the implementation of the measures, including final acceptance.

Event mapping floods

Tracing and coordination after heavy rainfall event in Thurgau.

Event mapping of lake floods

Forensic analysis and coordination of lake flooding at Lake Constance.

Revision SIA 261/1:

Impact on Structures - Supplementary Specifications

Property protection sports and leisure facilities

We provided advisory services on surface water protection for a large sports and leisure facility in Eastern Switzerland.

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