High temperatures in composition with high air humidity can make people feel uneasy and may even cause life threatening situations. If particularly warm periods hold on for several days, it is defined as a heat wave in Switzerland. The limit value is defined by the American heat index that depends on temperature and air humidity. Mainly old or sick people are vulnerable to the impacts of temperature. People who undergo intense physical strain or being in very hot locations (cars without air conditioner, offices behind glass panes,…) are endangered, too. As a consequence of the climate change, heat waves may occur significantly more often in the future than they do now.

Drought agriculture

Due to the climate change, the summer months are getting hotter and more arid. If the water level of flowing waters subsides under a special mark, a prohibition of water intakes for the agriculture could be spoken. Cultivated fields cannot be watered enough – crop failures are the consequences.

Forest: aridity and forest fire

The vegetation period is increasing due to hotter and more arid summer months. Not drought-resistant tree species are suffering from scarcity of water and are so more vulnerable against vermin. Furthermore a higher evaporation rate during the hot summer months dries out the forest. The hazard of forest fire is increasing.


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