Hidden block set as erosion protection

First the natural erosion protection works and later the hidden block set.

The ARA Oberglatt is being expanded to improve the wastewater quality. The Glatt is a dynamic and natural river in the area of the wastewater treatment plant, which is why measures are subject to special requirements. Egli Engineering AG was commissioned to develop and design the protection of the new facilities against the risk of bank erosion.

The intervention in the existing ecosystem should be kept to a minimum and at the same time, the measure should be cost-effective and effective. The decision was made in favour of a hidden block set, which leads along the building shell in the sense of protection of the property (in the sketch below coloured red). This only develops its protective effect when it is exposed by erosion.

In this way, the shore zone is protected during construction and the habitat of animals and plants is preserved. In addition, the natural behaviour of the stream is not limited over the long term.

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